Think your parcel is missing but not sure how to go about it? We've put together this guide to help you decide what action to take next!

But first… 

Check the online tracking 🕵️‍♂️

If you haven't got a tracking number get in touch with support.
This guide will best help you if you've got a tracking number.

Go ahead and check the online tracking from DHL, GLS, UPS, etc. to see the latest update — you're looking to see if your parcel has been...

Delivered to Teleportr 🙌

Your parcel was delivered to a Teleportr Hub in the last couple of days:

We'd suggest checking back tomorrow before getting in touch with support.

Your parcel was delivered to a Teleportr Hub more than 3 days ago:

Get in touch with us and we'll look into it for you. Although it happens rarely, sometimes parcels are incorrectly scanned. We can usually find these parcels and resolve the situation within an hour.

Not yet delivered to Teleportr? 🤔

If the tracking information was last updated yesterday:

Give it a day and check back tomorrow. Sometimes it can take a little longer than expected due to weather conditions, the holiday season or, for international parcels, customs. Sometimes DHL, GLS, UPS, etc. couriers don't complete their routes during the day and try again the next day.

If the tracking information hasn't changed for a few days:

If the tracking information was last updated more than 3 days ago, or something seems just plain fishy, your parcel may be lost in transit. In this case, you'll need to get in contact with the company responsible for delivering your parcel to your Teleportr Hub.


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