If you're interested in becoming a Teleportr Hub and want to know what to expect, then you're in the right place! 

As part of the process, your business will be assessed against our criteria before becoming accepted as part of the Teleportr Hub Network. Once your business has been accepted, you'll begin the onboarding process with the full support of a Teleportr team member. 

What to Expect

Getting Started

  • Week 1: Introduction
    Your business receives branding materials to ensure couriers know where to bring Teleportr parcels. Flags, A-frames, signs or banners will be provided that can easily be seen from the street.
  • Week 2: Training
    Staff receive an introduction to the Teleportr Hub app and receive training on how to carry out the scanning process.
  • Week 3: Testing
    Every new Teleportr Hub receives 100 test parcels from various courier companies to ensure that staff can competently and confidently carry out the day-to-day duties.
  • Week 4: Launch
    You're now officially part of the Teleportr Hub Network and can begin receiving customer parcels! 🎉 For your first week as an official Teleportr Hub, your Teleportr team member will check in to help with problems you may face and answer any questions you may have.

Business as Usual

Once you're up and running you can expect around 10 parcels per day to arrive.
Teleportr is for everyday shopping needs. Parcel sizes can vary but the majority are relatively small and don't require heavy lifting. If anything unusually large, heavy or bulky arrives, it will be taken care of by a Teleportr area manager.


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