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Have a store room or unused space? Want to earn extra income for your business? Become a Teleportr Hub and put that unused space to work!

As a Teleportr Hub you receive parcels during the day on behalf of Teleportr customers and store them in your business. This includes scanning parcels into Teleportr's systems and scanning them out again as you hand the parcels over to a Teleportr courier.

Already a Parcel Shop? 📦

Even better — you're already an expert!
All parcels are addressed to your parcel shop and you act as the end customer for the parcels that arrive, so you don't come into conflict with your current courier partners.


Quick Handover ⚡️

Teleportr is quick! Many parcels are delivered and collected in one single go, so you don't have to keep your customers waiting. You deal only with well-trained Teleportr couriers instead of customers collecting parcels one-by-one.

Latest Technology 📱

You have access to the Teleportr Hub app, which can be installed directly onto your smartphone. 

Using the Teleportr Hub app you can:

  • scan parcels into the system
  • see an overview of your inventory
  • scan parcels out of the system as you hand them over to Teleportr couriers
  • contact the support team directly from within the app

Guaranteed Income 💸

Teleportr customers in your neighbourhood send all of their parcels directly to your shop and you profit from every single one. You receive regular monthly payments to your bank account.


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