If your business has unused space and you'd like to earn extra income, you can apply online to join the Teleportr Hub Network — it's easy and your application can filled out in under 5 minutes!

What do I need to be a Teleportr Hub?

To become a Teleportr Hub, we recommend first that you have the following:

  • a business with a safe area to store up to 25 parcels
  • weekday opening hours until 10pm
  • weekend opening hours 
  • an iPhone 5S or newer
    (the Android app for Teleportr Hubs is still under development)

You don't need to have everything listed above, but it will help your application to stand out amongst the crowd!

The Vetting Process

At Teleportr our top priority is security; not only is it essential for our customers to have confidence in our business, it's also crucial to keep Hub operations running smoothly.

Hubs are only accepted and added to the network once they have been assessed against our criteria.

To meet our criteria your business must have the following:

  • a safe area to store parcels as assessed by the Teleportr team (either a basement, storeroom, garage or other available space) 
  • only staff members of the Teleportr Hub have access to this storage area
  • access to the storage area must always be monitored by Teleportr Hub staff 
  • the Teleportr team must be satisfied that staff are able to competently and confidently run the parcel drop off and collection process

We inspect Hubs periodically to ensure operations are running smoothly and up to standards. Hubs found to consistently negligent or not up to standards will be given one final warning before being dropped from the Teleportr Hub network.

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