Geofencing 🛰

Your Teleportr app automatically lets our delivery team know when to deliver your parcels. When you arrive home, they spring into action! You don't have to lift a finger and it's all thanks to a technology called geofencing.

Geofencing isn't the same as GPS tracking, because we don't constantly track you.
By using geofencing instead of GPS tracking we can deliver your parcels without using excessive extra battery or mobile data, which you can read more about here.

How does it work?

Your geofence works as a sort of "invisible fence", which sends an update as you enter or leave this area. Your phone knows whether you're in your geofence or not, and the Teleportr app simply asks also to be notified when this changes so it can send a status update.

Why does my Teleportr app send status updates?

Your Teleportr app sends a status update to keep your deliverability status up to date and notify our delivery team when to get moving! This is done only when strictly necessary, in other words, when you leave or enter your geofence. You can see when your last update was sent from directly within the app.

Who can see when I am deliverable?

The Teleportr delivery team only receives updates about your deliverability status if you have a parcel waiting to be delivered. When there are no parcels waiting for you, your deliverability status is not displayed for them to see.

Why do I need to always allow Teleportr location access?

There are three options for allowing location access on your iPhone: "Never", "While Using the App" and "Always".

In order to set up a geofence around your home, you need to have location permissions set to "Always", even though we don't track you. 

Keeping your deliverability status up to date using geofencing is a core part of Teleportr's service. It's how we make deliveries so smart and so automated, that they nearly become magic

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